University of Surrey School of Veterinary Medicine opening 2014

 Originally posted 21 December 2012

The University of Surrey announced in October that it is planning to create the UK’s eighth veterinary school with a focus on research and an emphasis on the ‘One Health – One Medicine’ principal. This new £45m school is set to open in 2014 but the university has already seen an expansion in its veterinary related offerings with the introduction of an MSc in Veterinary Microbiology and soon an MSc in Veterinary Pathology. A welcomed improvement to the relatively few specialisation opportunities available to veterinary medicine graduates.

   University of Surrey by   Colin Smith

 University of Surrey by Colin Smith

The newest veterinary school in the UK was formed at the University of Nottingham in 2006 and was the first new veterinary school for over 50 years. Nottingham was quickly recognised as one of the UK’s leading veterinary schools; being placed 3rd in The Guardian’s 2012 Veterinary Science league table. Nottingham does not have an on-site veterinary hospital. Instead if opts for the distributed approach across local veterinary practices and hospitals. Surrey is set to adopt a similar approach with cost reduction being an obvious advantage.

The University of Surrey is not a member of the Russell Group, a consortium of the UK’s leading research institutions, but has ranked highly overall in UK league tables; 12th in The Guardian’s 2012/2013 league table.

There are some fears that this may negatively affect an already strained veterinary job market and might discourage highly scoring applicants from considering veterinary medicine as a career. The University of Surrey hopes that by encouraging applicants to consider the more neglected and specialised routes of veterinary medicine that this will be prevented; only time will tell.